September 4-12 2010


LabCombinat Cultural Center in the frames of the annual multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art GOGOLFEST presents the project MESS

LabCombinat Cultural Center project - is an attempt to explore the concept of chaos, to experiment with this category, giving it a new meaning through art. Disorder as something formative, constructive, the beginning of something new - that's the main theme of this year's project.

There’s mess around us. Chaos predominates  in the world, in the country, on the streets, in the people’s behavior , in their minds. And it's not just a pessimistic view of reality around us –it is the basis of scientifically based theory of chaos. From a scientific point of view, the world - is unbalanced system that continuously flows "from order to chaos." And despite the visible disorder and nonlinearity there’s structure and stability inside this system. So the concept of chaos with all its ambiguity provides order and structure and, as a result, form. The artists’ ideas and thoughts are usually expressed through their works, and the works form the exhibition, so the idea of form is central in chaos of artistic energy.

Also the concept of disorder has a playful tone as it is a result of spontaneous, often reckless behavior, or creative energy. This value is very close to the concept of LabCombinat cultural center, which encourages the release of young artists’ creative potential without rigorous evaluation.

On the one hand the project MESS – is an attempt to bring out the new ideas of the chaos and articulate them, to give them shape, and on the other - it's just chaos of creative energy and inspiration of  artists, embodied in their works.

The project will include visual and musical program.

The visual program will feature the works by artists such as Anna Naduda Martha Vashchuk, Yuliya Belyaeva, Arthur Byelozorov, Yuri Mironov, PSYFOX, GORSAD, Dasha Hozhay, Igor Homchak, Pedos Sasha Alexander Chepyelyev, Elena Dubrova, Victoria Semenets, Vyacheslav Kryzhanivsky, Yevgeniya Antonova, Tatyana Bush, Alexei Chernikov, and others.

As part of the music program there will be bands Bykfordov, THE VELVET SUN, Kharkov guitar quartet, Erlie Roads, Pjyatiy Vimir, MyImaginaryFriends, Me and my brother, Ksenia Larina, Elektroklew, GenerallBand, My Lovely Alien, The lazy fingers, Jabberheads, Ekkrii, Sport & Music, Loreleya, Michael Circle Meat, and Success, Crocodiles in Tights, IQ and others.

Also in the project - theatrical performances, poetry readings and performances.