September 4-12 2010



 | 2012-09-22 22:30 | Kinoteatr

22 September, Saturday, 22:30 - 23:30

FreeMarketParty - a slap into the consumerism’s face as a creative protest

GogolFest’s platform will present you a visual music project FreeMarketParty by creative initiative group “HRAP”.

FreeMarket – a space where an alternative market relationships are developed. Disadvantages of post-industrial world have appeared to be too obvious to remain unspoken. They are discussed, laughed at and cried over. This time we’ll speak about it in visual and craft’s languages – we’ll show you the works of Ukrainian photographers and artists, who unveil the problems of marginalization, poverty, estrangement, violence, nausea in different planes of modern world. 

Within FreeMarketParty everyone becomes a participant in a fair of free products and services. Guests may bring some stuff with them and put it on the shelf, from where a new owner may pick it up. Coming empty handed doesn’t deny an opportunity to visit FreeMarket. The whole thing is created with joint efforts to give a collective slap to the unreasonable world of consumerism raised up by the other side of the promising capitalism.

That way, during the presentation of FreeMarketParty, a fair of free products and services will take it’s start against the background visuals, which will air in sync with the music.
After the presentation of FreeMarketParty a fair goes on to live it’s own life on the festival till the last day.

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