September 4-12 2010


“Nevertheless. Part II” by New Era Orchestra

 | 2012-09-27 19:00 | Music stage

New Era Orchestra
Artistic Director and Conductor
Tetiana Kalinichenko

Nevertheless. Part II

With the support of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Ukraine Grigol

“You are talking about the meaning of life ... our life... as well as about unselfishness of art ...
Let us touch the music ... It is least connected with the reality, and if connected, there is neither
concepts nor associations…only mechanics and empty sound. And yet, the music miraculously
gets to the heart! What resonates in our souls in response to the noise reduced to harmony? What
turns it into the source of high pleasure ... and brings together ... and stuns? What is all this for?
And, more importantly, for whom? You will answer me: for no one... and for nothing. It is rather
unselfish. Oh hardly is... After all, everything has got its meaning ... the meaning and
reason ...”

“Stalker”/Andrei Tarkovsky

  • Oleksandr Shymko (Ukraine)
    “Chronos” for Chorus and Orchestra
    Premiere in Ukraine
    Performed by: New Era Orchestra and Alter Ratio Contemporary Music Ensemble (conducted
    by O’lha Prykhod’ko)


  • Giya Kancheli (Georgia)
    “Abii ne Viderem” for Solo Viola, Bass Guitar, Piano and Strings
    Premiere in Ukraine
    Soloist: Andrii Malakhov (viola)


  • Fran?ois Couturier (France)
    “To the Man Who Saw the Angel”
    Premiere in Ukraine
    Artem Roschenko – Version for Chamber Orchestra


  • Arturs Maskats (Latvia)
    “Concerto Grosso” for Violin, Cello, Strings and Percussion
    Premiere in Ukraine
    Soloists: Kyrylo Sharapov (violin), Serhii Kazakov (cello), Dmytro Marchenko and Dmytro Il’iin


  • Giya Kancheli (Georgia)
    “A little Daneliade” for Violin, Piano and Chamber Orchestra
    Soloists: Ol’ha Akolishnova (violin) and Roman Repka (piano)

    * This programme is subject to minor changes.


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