September 4-12 2010





GogolFEST is a two-week event taking place in the old Art Arsenal (“Mystetski Arsenal) in Kiev, Ukraine every year. It is the first and the only multi disciplinary art event in Ukraine. The exhibition will consist of visual art and audiovisual installations, experimental theatre, contemporary modern music and dance, literature and cinema within one interactive space. The Festival is looking for new names, new concepts which will define the future.



GogolFEST was established by Vlad Troitskyi, President of DAKH - Contemporary Center of Art (Kiev) in 2007. Successful festivals were held in 2008 and 2009. The project was started by progressive people in Ukraine to create a contemporary art scene that could actively generate innovative processes in Ukrainian culture. There was an urgent necessity to develop an art forum to present on a very high level all aspects of contemporary art and to open modern Ukraine to the world. 

 An important aspect of the first multidisciplinary international festival of contemporary art in Ukraine is its global potential. The great author and playwright Nikolai Gogol embodies two Slavic cultures. At the same time his work shows that the Ukrainian and Russian culture share common European roots and values. It was the aspect of Gogol’s legacy that gave the festival its name. GogolFEST is fast becoming a cultural hub bringing together the avant-garde of Russian and Ukrainian contemporary visual and performing arts along with other European artists from West and East. 

The main place for the festival is “ART ARSENAL” - a former monastery in the very heart of the city built in the 18th century and a weapon company in Soviet times. GogolFEST is designed to make “ART ARSENAL” (altogether more than 70 000 sqm) one of the most powerful centers of the festival movement in contemporary arts that will enable to engage worldwide experts in order to create a national competitive school of contemporary art.

GogolFEST is a fundamental investment into education and future of the nation. This is an attempt to find a shape meeting the needs of time. It is a chance to see in Ukraine a generation of the artists of the world significance.



GogolFEST2010 will be running from 3 till 19 September 2010. 

 The paradigm of the festival: “Art of Parallel Reality”, a concept that should provoke thoughts about:

Responsible liberty

The new type of hierarchy - the new measure of the value of a person 

Self-awareness in the reality. The choice of your own way

Creation like the main aim of the human life

Mutual respect between the person and the state



GogolFEST 2010 will be expanded to the major cities in Ukraine: Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya and Sevastopol. Selected participants of the Official Program of the Festival will have special appearance in the regional events.



GogolFEST is open for artists of any nationality and age group. 



The Official Program is being completed by the Selection Committee that consists of a group of professional experienced curators:

visual art Katya Bochavar

theatre Vlad Troitskyi

music Iryna Gorban

cinema Maks Ilyashenko

literature Andriy Palatnyi

workshops Andriy Palatnyi

Katya Bochavar was assigned as Exhibition Space Architect 2010.



Deadline for receipt of international submissions: 1 May 2010.

Late submissions will not be considered.

Deadline for Ukrainian applications is 1 June 2010.


Digital Images: Maximum 6 jpegs (300 dpi - no larger than 1MB per image) per application. Slides will not be considered. The submission of jpegs for each project is essential!

Audio: Audio projects shall send the CD to the Festival’s office (see address below) or email the web link for the performances in question.

Video: If you have available video of your project, please send it on DVD to the Festival’s office (see address below) or email the web link for the performances in question.

The successful GogolFEST recipients should be able to complete the proposed project for

July 2010.  


Selection Criteria

Criteria for decision making:

Artistic Quality – evidenced by your track record and quality of your work as well as that of others involved in the project.

Feasibility - financial strength and value for money

Fit - proposals will be selected on their overall fit with the overall festival program. 

Format – what kind of project you propose such as exhibition, performance, site specific and how this sits with the rest of the GI 2010 program of events and exhibitions.



GogolFEST provides the selected artists with the space in Art Arsenal, technical support and insurance. The festival covers only travel expenses (accommodation (3 nights), economy class air tickets) and production costs for the selected artists.  


Ukrainian Theatre Showcase

Every year GogolFEST presents a special theatre program for the group of international curators. The aim of the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase is to present the Ukrainian modern theatre tradition to the global audience and to give the foreign professionals a profound insight on what is happening on Ukraine’s scene.

The selection for the Showcase (10 performances) will be announced on 1 July 2010.

For those curators interested in this showcase, please register for attendance at not late than 30 July 2010. The Festival provides guests with the special prices at some Kiev hotels.

The Festival also seeks to expand the theatre co-production initiatives started in previous years. Please send you proposals to Irina Gorban, GogolFEST Program Director at (please put THEATRE COPRODUCTION as the Subject of your email).



The Head-Office of GogolFEST 2010 is located at:



136, Velyka Vasylkivska

Kyiv, 03150