September 4-12 2010


LABCOMBINAT will participate in GOGOLFEST 2012

LabCombinat team is happy to share the news that the awaited festival GOGOLFEST will be held this year. As a permanent resident and a member of the festival LabCombinat is grateful to GOGOLFEST committee for finding opportunities to realize the festival this year despite the financial difficulties and the lack of government support.

GOGOLFEST – is an annual multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art, founded in 2007 on the initiative of the director and artistic director of the CCA "DAH" Vladislav Troitsky. Over the years the festival has become one of the most important and most awaited events in the cultural life of Kyiv and Ukraine. GOGOLFEST - as a platform for the development of Ukrainian contemporary art and its integration into the global cultural space, is the result of hard work of enthusiastic and creative team that builds the capacity of this festival.

This year GOGOLFEST will be held at the factory hardware on Vydubychi from 21 to 29 September.

LabCombinat cultural center announces its participation in GOGOLFEST 2012 and presents its own project in the frames of the festival program. The project presented by LabCombinat within GOGOLFEST will not bemarked by a specific theme, but will be based upon the traditional principles of our cultural center: experimentation, democratic approach, interactivity. To learn more about LabCombinat conception follow the link

We announce the submission of applications to participate in the LabCombinat project on GOGOLFEST2012 and invite everyone to participate and present their work in areas such as visual art, music, theater, performance, and others. The LabCombinat program will be divided into two categories: visual art and music.
Participants’ applications will be accepted via e-mail till 15th September.

Requirements for an application form
Visual Art:
- Image (photograph) of a work;
- Description of the concept;
- Short biographical information about the artist.
Music program:
-A brief information sheet about the band

For additional questions please call

Participation in GOGOLFEST 2012 - is a unique opportunity to become a part of the project, which is an important step in the development of cultural life in Ukraine, the project initiated by compassion of the creative team of the festival.