September 4-12 2010


New Music Program Conception

Concerto for Cello by Anton Lukoszevieze

Anton Lukoszevieze performs a  programme of diverse music for solo cello, with its roots in the experimental, from John Cage, James Tenney and beyond, to more contemporary composers. Sonorous, harmonically rich soundscapes typify a concert of beautiful sonic vistas.




  • Джон Кейдж            
    "59 and a half seconds for a string player"
  • Лоуренс Крейн             
    "Raimondas Rumsas”
    cello with bach-bogen/curved bow
  • Эгідія Медексайте
  • Антон Лукошевіче
    "American Poets and Cello"
  • Кристофер Фокс
    "Susan's Purple"
  • Джеймс Тенні
  • Эмнон Уолман
    "Dangerous Bend"

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