September 4-12 2010

Visual art

Art Center of Paul Gudimov Ja Gallery presents special project within Gogolfest.

Neofolk project

Alexander Babak / Vladimir Budnikov / Stas Volyazlovsky / Oleg Grishchenko / Andrew Humeniuk / Alexander Kadnikov / Alevtina Kakhidze / Alexander King / Valery Kuznetsov / Rostislav Koterlin / Nikita Kravtsov / Dmitry Kuzovkin / Anton den / Alexander Lyapin / Dmitry Moldovanov / Nicholas Malyshko / Stepan Rudick / Andrew Sagaidakovsky / Sadan / Stanislav Silantyev / Tiberius Silvashy / Svetlana Struk / Ruslan Tremba / Oksana Chepelyk / Oleksa Furdiyaka & / Andrew Heer / Albina Yaloza and others.

Curator - Paul Gudimov

Альбіна Ялоза, із серії Нове українське, 2012, полотно, акрил, ліногравюра     Фото: Марія Бикова     © Арт-центр Павла Гудімова Я ГалереяGlobal openness of Ukrainian folklore in modernity led to the development of new forms of myth in the works of Ukrainian artists. Neo-folk project collects these artifacts and offers a vision of the origins of Ukrainian nationalism in contemporary art.

Neo-folk is a portrait of modern Ukrainian reality, not venturing into its minor problems, avoiding the quagmire of international politics. Here and now the best Ukrainian artists create a new mythology with a new symbolic language that is the result of a spontaneous copyright intuitions, and fully thought-through strategy deliberately chosen direction of their creativity. Make a "slice" of the chaotic traffic to and from the folkloric depiction in contemporary Ukrainian art is the objective of the project neo-folk. The vigor and repetition, brightness and decorative, images, puzzles and word charms, openness to experience and ritualization creative process distances the author's interpretation and frank and proud imitation ...

Research is just beginning, and neo-folk art has been generously sowing the field of "collective unconscious" new optimistic image of the future of the nation.

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